Sawtooth Brothers + Sweet Colleens @ The Hook and Ladder

Saturday, January 19th, 8pm TICKETS

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debut original album

available now

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Our debut original album, "One More Flight", is available on CDBaby, Amazon, and iTunes.

  1. Another Cliché
  2. County Road X
  3. What’s Her Name?
  4. On Top Of The World
  5. Summer All The Time
  6. Blame It
  7. Don’t Go It Alone
  8. The River And You
  9. I Should Be Going
  10. One More Flight
  11. Take Me Away

Link below to a review and pictures of the release show at the Fine Line Music Café in Minneapolis.
Twin Cities Media Review + Photos

" transcends tradition. The songs are full of complex instrumental arrangements, meticulous harmonies, and sophisticated lyrics."

- Lillian Speakman | The Local Current Blog | full article

" standards, no recycled choruses. They manufactured every moment to match their vision."

- Jerard Fagerberg | City Pages Minneapolis | full article

"...exceedingly complex material with technical precision...I expect the sky’s the limit for Sawtooth Brothers and One More Flight."

- Katryn Conlin | Minnesota Bluegrass Magazine | full article

"With One More Flight, the Sawtooth Brothers prove themselves to be talented musicians who are willing to embrace a number of musical styles across the confines of a single album. The acoustic pop-style songs are very enjoyable (though fans who remember them from their bluegrass days might yearn for their older sound), and they tackle the progressive, bluesy grass numbers with lots of energy. The band will surely appeal to a broad base of listeners, and could easily choose from a number of musical paths to follow."

- John Curtis Goad | Bluegrass Today | full article more reviews