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Sawtooth Brothers cover Twenty One Pilots

This song has been stuck in our heads for a while now, so we decided to work it up

Sawtooth Brothers featured on the Local Current Blog

The Current's 'Local Current Blog' took notice of our new album efforts in this article, by Lilly Speakman. "Sawtooth Brothers are a band that will redefine your understanding of what bluegrass can be...the music they create is difficult to categorize: it transcends tradition. The songs are full of complex instrumental arrangements, meticulous harmonies, and sophisticated lyrics." 8/25/15

New Website

We're excited to roll out our brand new updated website! You can find our BIO, photos, a stage introduction under "press". Our schedule is now under "shows", and watch for more videos and songs to appear under "music" as we work on releasing our new album. If you have questions/concerns regarding the new site, please contact the webmaster through 8/23/15